How to Use Florida EBT Online at Walmart

This article is about how to use Florida EBT to buy groceries for pickup and delivery on Walmart Online.

If you are a Florida EBT card holder and want to know how to use a SNAP card to shop online at Walmart, we will help you. Recipients of SNAP EBT in Florida can now use their food stamp discounts to purchase eligible food online at Walmart.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to shop online and pay for Walmart groceries using SNAP EBT.

To learn how to use Florida EBT to shop online on Amazon, click here.

We will also cover:

  • EBT Online Purchasing Pilot Program
  • Walmart Florida EBT Online Purchase Program
  • How to use Florida EBT online at Walmart
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Florida EBT Card

"How to Use Florida EBT Online at Walmart"

EBT Online Purchasing Pilot Program

In 2017, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a pilot program for online EBT purchases.

The program allows EBT cardholders to purchase groceries online for delivery or pickup. When the USDA first established the pilot program, the following states of the program were approved:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Alabama
  • Iowa
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Nebraska
  • Maryland

In addition, the following grocery retailers have been approved to start the program with the states mentioned above:

  • Amazon
  • FreshDirect
  • Safeway
  • ShopRite
  • Hy-Vee, Inc.
  • Hart’s Local Grocers
  • Dash’s Market

EBT Online Pilot Rollout

New York State was the first state to actually implement the plan, starting with April 2019.

Then came Washington in January 2020.

In March 2020, Alabama, Iowa, and Oregon launched pilot programs.

On April 1, 2020, Nebraska joined the list. As of April 2020, only two original pilot states (Maryland and New Jersey) have not implemented their plans.

Finally, on April 13, 2020, the USDA approved California, Arizona, Idaho and Florida to join the pilot project.

This is a list of all states that have implemented the only SNAP EBT grocery online program and the grocery stores that work with them.

State Merchant Name
New York
Walmart, Amazon, and Wright’s Markets, Inc.
Amazon and Walmart
Walmart and Amazon
Amazon and Walmart
ShopRite, Walmart, and Amazon
Amazon and Walmart
Walmart and Amazon

Florida’s EBT Online Program

On April 14, 2020, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), which is responsible for the food stamp program, announced that it will start a pilot program for SNAP recipients to purchase food online using EBT cards..

SNAP participants in Florida will automatically eligible to participate in this program.

This means that Florida has been added to the pilot and will run a program with the states listed above that will allow Florida EBT cardholders to purchase groceries online for delivery.

The Florida pilot program will begin with an initial launch on April 16, 2020.

Walmart EBT Online Purchase Program for Florida

"How to Buy Groceries online at Walmart with Florida SNAP EBT"

If you have a Florida EBT card, you can now purchase groceries online from Walmart for pickup. You can only use the EBT card to purchase eligible groceries.

In addition, you cannot use your food stamp dollars to pay for shipping.

How to use Florida EBT online at Walmart

At present, Wal-Mart only offers online grocery store purchases with EBT for roadside pickup, not delivery.

Delivery options will be added soon.

If you have a Florida EBT card, you can now use your card to buy groceries and choose roadside transportation. It works as follows:

Step 1 – Go to the Walmart Grocery website

The first step to buying groceries online at Walmart is to visit the Walmart grocery website located at:

"Buy Walmart Groceries Online with Florida SNAP EBT Card"

Step 2 – Find Walmart Store Near You

Next, enter your zip code to find the location of a nearby Walmart store. This is where you will pick up online grocery orders from.

"Walmart Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card"

Step 3 – Shop for Groceries Online 

Since you have selected the location of Walmart, you can start shopping online by adding items that meet EBT requirements to your shopping cart. After placing the product in the shopping cart, the system will ask you to log in to your Walmart account or create an account.

"sign in to buy Walmart groceries online with Florida EBT Card"

Step 4 – Checkout and Choose Delivery Option

After logging in to Walmart, you can continue shopping until you have selected all the groceries you need.

Next, click the “Check Out” button. The minimum purchase at Wal-Mart’s online grocery store is $30. You will not be able to proceed with checkout until this limit is reached.

"Walmart Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card"

After pressing the “check out” button, you will be taken to a page where you can “hold time” to pick up the goods.

You will be provided with available time when picking up the goods. As shown in the figure below, choose a convenient pick-up time.

"Shop online at Walmart and pay with Florida EBT for pickup"

Now it’s time to checkout and pick-up your order.

Follow the steps outlined below.

Step 5 – Checkout with your EBT Card

"How to pay for online groceries at Walmart with Florida EBT"

Next, you will go to the payment page, where you select the “Use EBT payment when picking up” option as shown below.

"How to Buy Walmart Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card - 4"

Step 6 – Enter your Phone Number and Place Your Order 

The last step is to enter your phone number, check your order to make sure everything is fine, and then click the “Place Order” button to complete your order as shown below.

"How to Buy Walmart Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card - 6"

Congratulations, you have successfully placed an order with Walmart. Continue reading the pickup instructions.

Step 7 – Pick up and Pay with EBT Card

"Pay with EBT online at Walmart"

The final step in the process is to pick up your order and pay with your Florida EBT card. You need to bring your EBT card when picking up the goods at your chosen Walmart location.

Make sure to follow the pickup instructions in the text or email instructions.

Designated Pick-up Locations

As shown above, some locations of Wal-Mart have designated pickup locations.

When you arrive at the pick-up location, you will park in the orange-marked reserved parking space for grocery pick-up customers.

After arriving at the scene, call the designated number to remind your colleagues arrival.

You can also sign in through the Walmart Grocery app. The staff will quickly retrieve the prepared orders and load them into your car.

Wal-Mart employees will know that you are an EBT customer and will swipe your EBT card to pay for goods that meet EBT qualifications.

For any items that are not eligible for EBT, the affiliate company will use another credit/debit card to pay.

You will need to enter your EBT password to complete the delivery process.

"Florida EBT Grocery pickup at Walmart"

Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart is currently working with USDA to enable online payments through EBT. In this way, EBT cardholders can purchase groceries online, use the EBT card to pay and use Wal-Mart’s grocery delivery service when available.

This will help eliminate all physical connections between employees and customers who wish to use SNAP benefits. In addition, in areas where there is no Wal-Mart delivery option, using EBT for online payments can help eliminate the actual connection between employees and customers.

This is because, because all customers have to do is pick up the cart at the designated pickup location, and their groceries will be loaded into their car by an associate.

The following short video from Walmart provides an excellent explanation of how the online ordering, pickup and delivery process works. We encourage you to watch.

Florida EBT Card FAQs

This is our most frequently asked list of Florida EBT card groceries purchased online at Walmart.

Walmart FAQs

Can I change the Walmart online grocery store order?

Yes. You can change your online grocery order at any time before the deadline.

After the deadline, your order will be submitted to the store so that they can start selecting your order.

Unfortunately, changes cannot After your deadline.

If you want to change your order, please log in, click on “Your Account”, and then click on “Recent Orders”.

    •  To update your pick-up or delivery time, click Change Time. If you want to add, reduce or delete items or update replacement preferences, click “Edit Item”.
    • To add more items to your order, click Continue shopping, add items to the shopping cart, and complete the checkout.
    • Your bank statement will reflect the second authorized amount, which may vary depending on the weight and/or type of product.

How do I use my Florida EBT card to pay for online orders?

This is a summary on how to pay for Walmart grocery online using Florida EBT (see detailed steps above):

  1. Select your store and timeslot.
  2. Add items to your cart.
  3. Tap or click Checkout.
  4. Under Select Payment method, select + Add EBT Card.
  5. Enter your EBT card number and tap or click Save Card.
  6. Enter your EBT PIN.

Can I pay using multiple payment methods?

Yes. You can use EBT card to pay, or you can use other payment methods when picking up the goods.

If you order items that do not meet SNAP requirements, the Wal-Mart employees at the pick-up location will use your EBT card to pick up items that meet EBT requirements. You can then provide another payment method (credit card, debit card, etc.) for items that are not on the EBT approved list.

However, only one SNAP EBT card can be used per order.

What is the waiting time at the store during pick-up?

In order to better evaluate the waiting time for pick-up, Walmart recommends that you use the Walmart mobile app (for Apple and Andriod devices) Check in on the way to the store and enter the parking space number on arrival.

In addition, please be sure to provide your phone number during checkout so that you can receive important updates about your order.

If you decide not to pick up the goods, Walmart will cancel your order.

For delivery, you can tell the delivery driver refusing the order.

How to place an order if there is no time period available? 

How to place an order if there is no time period.

Can I tip the clerk or driver who takes the order?

Wal-Mart store employees do not accept delivery or delivery reminders.

After receiving the order, you can express your appreciation through positive comments on customer surveys. However, for delivery orders, the third-party delivery driver will accept the prompt.

After you place an order, just add a reminder via the website or mobile app delivered.

Florida EBT FAQs

HHow can I check my Florida EBT card balance?

You can check your Florida balance online, in person or over the phone. To complete your Florida EBT card balance check, please follow the instructions below: This is how to check the balance in the Florida EBT card balance.

Option 1 – Check your Last Receipt

The first option to check the balance of the Florida EBT card is to check your last receipt.

This is the easiest and fastest way to find your current balance on a Florida EBT card. Your balance will be listed at the bottom of your nearest grocery store or ATM receipt.

Option 2 – Login to your Edge EBT Account

The second way to check the balance of the Florida EBT card is online through the ebtEDGE website.

To log in, please visit ebtEDGE website here, Then enter your card number. After logging in, you will be able to view the current balance and transaction records.

Option 3 – Check by Phone

The last option to check the balance of the Florida EBT card is over the phone. Call the EBT customer service number (1-888-356-3281) on the back of the card.

After calling, enter your sixteen (16) digit EBT card number and you will hear the current food assistance or cash account balance.

Can I use Florida EBT to pay for shipping?

Only eligible foods with Florida EBT benefits can be purchased. SNAP benefits may not pay any delivery fees or fees-you must use another payment method.

When can I buy food online from more stores?

As the USDA pilot program progresses, more retailers will start using SNAP EBT for online payments. Learn more when retailers accept Florida EBT online, check here for updates.

How to use Florida EBT Online at Walmart Online

We hope that Walmart’s article on how to use Florida EBT online is helpful to you.

If you have other questions or need help using the Florida EBT card to shop online at Walmart, please leave them in the comments section below.

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